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Construction of a fence requires a building permit from the City of Springfield.  To obtain a building permit, please submit the following information to City Hall:

  • Building permit application form.

  • Two plot plans of the property showing the property lines, the location of the proposed fence with distances from the fence to all property lines and existing structures (i.e. house), lineal footage of each side of the fence, fence type (i.e. picket, chain link, etc.), and fence height.  The plot plan should include approximate locations of all structures on the property (i.e. house, garage, deck, etc.).

No fence may be constructed in front of the front yard setback line of your property.  Front yard setback requirements differ by zoning district. 

In a side or rear yard, a fence may be built up to the actual property line.  However, if the fence is placed on the actual property line, a neighboring property owner may legally attach to it.

A fence may be built along a street side yard provided that the structure shall be constructed on or within a five (5) foot setback from the property line.  No fence shall be built within the triangle of land formed by lines beginning at the point of intersection of the two (2) street-side lot lines of the corner lot, then proceeding along such lines for a distance of twenty (20) feet, the third side of which triangle of land is formed by drawing a line between the two (2) points which are on the front lot lines, and are twenty (20) feet distant from the point of intersection of the two (2) front lot lines.

The support structure (i.e. posts) for any fence must face the interior of the lot upon which the fence is constructed.

Electric fences and barbed wire fences are prohibited in all residential zoned districts, except the Agriculture Residential (AR) District.

If the property is located within a Sanitary Improvement District (SID), please have the developer approve the building plans and stamp/sign each copy. If the property is part of a homeowners association, please check with the association for covenant requirements.

For information on setback requirements for your property, please contact City Hall.  The City of Springfield Maintenance Department provides inspections for fences.